Macabre in Young Entertainment

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Vampire by Rebecca Roo

From Vamps to Virgins

Vampires have been a huge part of American horror since the dawn of silent films.  Since arguably the first vampire film, Nosferatu (1922), writers and directors have been reinventing the blood-sucking monster.  In recent years, the vampire has lost its fear factor.  All of a sudden the male vampire has grown a conscious and developed a set of morals that says killing human beings is wrong.  Our generation has gone from From Dawn Until Dusk and Blade to Twilight.  It may work for now, but I hope it ends soon.

The concept of the virginal male vampire is something that’s driving teens and women crazy.  He has an old soul (because he’s hundreds of years old), he’s in great shape (because vampires don’t eat food or age), and he’s wealthy (because he’s had decades to make bank).  What’s not to like?  It’s a little bit too much romance and not enough horror for my liking.  Traditionally, vampires are sexual predators thirsting for human life and power and today’s vampires do the same thing, but with less action.  The female still lusts for the vampire, which leaves her incapable of grasping reality, but instead of essentially being raped and dried of blood, she becomes restless and contemplates suicide.  What a great message for today’s youth… NOT!

Vampire Vision

Critics wonder if Hollywood’s vampire obsession will lose its appeal.  Ever since Twilight‘s Edward Cullen invited himself into our bedrooms, it seems like a slew of other vampires have crammed themselves into our homes.  The vampire craze shows no loss in momentum as these shows fill up prime time television.

Macabre TV Show

True Blood Series Cover

  • True Blood- Sounds like a teen vampire soap opera to me.  The show centers around a teen waitress who falls in love with a vampire.
  • Vampire Diaries- Just another teen vampire soap opera.  The series follows a love triangle between a young female and two vampire brothers in a small town haunted by super natural beings.
  • Being Human- I actually watch this one.  Three super natural roommates try to find a place in the human world as they deal with their “conditions.”
  • Blood Ties- A Canadian show based on another vampire novel about a private investigator with bad eyesight and her professional/personal partnership with a vampire.
  • Moonlight- Also about a vampire who works as a private investigator.

I’m almost afraid to ask how many more vampire-related shows are going to pop up this year.  It’s on a downward spiral.  Have you heard of “Fantasy Biting” yet?  It’s a form of role play that teens are taking part in.  A 15-year-old Florida teenager told police she was attacked while jogging when in fact she was participating in vampire role play.  It’s blood-sucking madness!!

Other Hollywood Horror Trends for Teens

Movies and TV aren’t the only trends in teen horror.  Fashion (Hot Topic), video games, and music all fuel the teen horror fire, but today’s post will focus on Hollywood (movies) and video games (teen crack).

Vampires may have stepped out from the shadows as of late, but some other monsters haven’t been pushed from the spotlight.  Werewolves and zombies have a tremendous young following thanks to the big screen.  Movies like Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Wolfman, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Weeks Later and Zombieland have boosted the two groups’ popularity amongst teens.

Video games have pushed the zombie frenzy to all new heights.  First-person shooter games like Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil have turned the gaming experience into a fight for survival.  Left 4 Dead 2 is without a doubt one of the best zombie video games I’ve ever played (Zombies Ate My Neighbors will always be my favorite), and I’ve played a lot of them.  This game is intense graphically, phonetically, and mentally.  The levels of zombie strength range from petty (but watch out because they come in enormous hordes) to powerful (this zombie is HUGE and can take a lot of lead).  Below is an intro clip from Left 4 Dead that will be sure to convince you that zombies are a threat to survival.

Is Macabre a Trend?!

Some say that these types of movies and entertainment will die off soon enough, but I beg to differ.  Horror will always be around because people are intrigued by fear.  The industry will absolutely change like it always does when new technology is available or when monsters are reworked to create something fresh.  Whether we’re talking about a Disney movie villain or a demon entity tormenting an innocent family, death is a part of life.  Without evil, how can there be good?

Most of the time I enjoy horror entertainment regardless of romance and gore, but sometimes it’s just ridiculous.  I’m tired of the virgin vampire, how much longer can Hollywood milk this?

Go Team Horror!

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I'm a glitter-gluing, weight-lifting, cupcake-loving tomboy who enjoys romantic comedies, zombie video games, and pretty shoes. I'm a public relations grad student with high hopes and shallow pockets. May the force be with me. View all posts by BrittniBizarro

10 responses to “Macabre in Young Entertainment

  • lovelypetdog

    I’m taking the Vampire movie class this semester. It’s an evening class and we have to watch as least one Vampire movie every Wednesday. After that, I have to walk home alone. Trust me, everything on campus becomes fairly creepy at night, especially the sculpture in front of the Kent Hall(eye to eye? i cannot remember the name of it)…lol

  • lovelypetdog

    btw, I think the True Blood Series made the Vampires gayer than ever…

    • DyneOh

      I’ve never seen True Blood, so I can’t give it an honest review. From what I’ve read, I can make an educated assessment that it’s a soap opera. I completely understand how creepy it can be walking home alone in the dark after a late night class. Kudos to you for doing after watching vampire movies for three hours!! If I had to do that, I bet my walk home would quickly turn into a light jog. haha Maybe you should pack a flashlight and a whistle.

  • ellenkirtner

    I for one am ready to see the end of the vampire craze! It’s interesting to look at these trends in our pop culture and how they sort of cycle in and out– I definitely agree that zombies are becoming huge too. This was a fun post to read!

  • Corey

    I totally agree with all your points in this post. Vampires have become a very wimpy in recent years. Twilight has totally destroyed all that was good in the wild and wonder world of vampires. In a side note that was a totally awesome trailer for left 4 dead. I still haven’t played that one but I did play the second and it was amazing. They really need to start getting more zombie games going. Speaking of new zombie games there is this new game called Dead Island that looks super sweet. I’ll put the link for it in a post of it’s own. Anywho, I really enjoyed reading this last post.

    • DyneOh

      Thanks Corey, but I don’t think Twilight destroyed the vampire… The species has evolved over the past century and will definitely shed its skin again. Vampires had to adapt to a decade obsessed with glitter, lust, and monsters. Hopefully the next vampire revolution regains some respect. P.S. Dead Island looks sick!

  • Jessica Scheve

    Interesting post Brittni! I’m with you on the whole vampire craze. I was intrigued by the idea of Twilight when it first came out…then I found out that the vampires “sparkle” in the sunlight. Sparkle?! Really?! Vampires are supposed to be fierce – and scary! I still to this day have not seen Twilight.

    • DyneOh

      Hahaha! Right?! Edward Cullen is annoying, but the movie is entertaining. Maybe the author was going for the unexpected, I mean a virginal vampire obsessed with traditional values appealed to A LOT of people. There’s some merit there. lol Unless you’re into romantic drama/ scene fashion/ the fight for love/ action-ish fight scenes… then you didn’t miss anything. ha.

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